Dress To Impress For Our Themed Parties!

While Halloween may be over when you get on board IT’S THE SHIP – it’s going to be thriving for 4 days and 3 nights! Get ready to pack your bags with all your awesome costumes as we have a bunch of exciting new themes this year! We can’t wait to see what everyone has up their sleeves this year as you deck out in costumes for our pop up parties and after parties on board!

Please note that you’ll need to be dressed up to enter these parties, so get creative shipmates!


Let’s get started! We’re bringing back our very popular Onesie Party! For those first timers on board, this is the party you DON’T want to miss as all our shipmates are usually dressed up for this one, so don’t get left out! Pack your favorite onesies – get creative guys! If you’ve got a huge crew with you, round the troups up in the same onesie!


If you’re into hip-hop, the Bloc Party is where it’s going down! Whip up your best hip-hop threads and break it down with some of your best pop and lockin’ moves! Don’t be surprised if the 88 rising boys come out to play 😉


Introducing one of our newest themes on board! Get ready to head down south to the land of tequila, tacos, sombreros, nachos and margaritas! So pack those Mexican mustaches and lets get ready to do the La Cucarachaaaaa

*Note: piñatas will be present, smash with caution.


We’re not going to say much but the name says it all. Come in anything latex and get in for free! 😉


This is not your ordinary sleepover… If you’re ready to go to bed, stop! Come join us at Sleepless Society in your night threads! Think pyjamas, lingerie, nightgowns, boxers, whatever you go to sleep in! If you sleep in your birthday suit… you can join the party too! After the party, feel free to crash. P.S. Feel free to bring your pillows


Last but not least, our 4th newest theme! Channel that inner spirit animal and join all the party animals on board.

What fuels your soul? Is it the king of the jungle? Or a graceful little butterfly? Let your imagination go wild and we’ll be looking out for the most creative spirit animal. Don’t know what your spirit animal is?

Take THIS quiz to find your spirit animal!

We’ve listed a few stores in Singapore where you’ll be able to pick up some of your costumes!

  1. Costumes ‘N Parties
    Havelock II, #02-16/17/18. 2, Havelock Road
    +65 6224 8742
    Monday – Friday 11am-8pm
    Saturday 11am-6pm
  2. CCM (Customade Costumes)
    Facebook: @customadecostume
    3 Kelantan Lane, Singapore
    +65 6333 9440
  3. My Costume City
    #09-03 Henderson Industrial Park, Block 203 Henderson Road
    +65 6270 1722
  4. Costumes ‘N Mascots
    Facebook: Costumes-mascots
    806 North Bridge Road
    +65 6299 0882
    Monday-Friday 11am-7pm
    Saturday 11am-4pm
  5. JCM Costume
    Block 22 Sin Ming Lane #04-76 Midview City
    +65 6659 4660
    Monday-Friday (except PH)
  6. Dimac Costumes
    50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square #01-42
    +65 8799 9485
  7. Costume Star
    59 Bussorah Street
    +65 9636 7644
    Monday-Sunday – 11pm-8pm
  8. Otaku House
    68 Orchard Road
    +65 6884 8414
    Mon-Thurs 11.30am-10pm
    Fri-Sat 11am-1030pm
    Sun 11am-10pm
  9. Party City
    227A Holland Avenue
    +65 6462 6011