To the best of our knowledge, the information contained herein is accurate and reliable as of today, May 26, 2017.  FAQ will be updated periodically without notice to provide you with latest information regarding IT’S THE SHIP. The Livescape Group does not assume any liability whatsoever for the accuracy and completeness of the information.


    IT’S THE SHIP, Asia’s largest festival at sea. The four-day, three-night cruise music festival is set to depart from Marina Bay Cruise Centre, Singapore this November 17, 2017, crossing international waters to the magical island of Phuket, before returning to Singapore on November 20, 2017.

    IT’S THE SHIP 2017 will take place on-board the brand new, prestigious floating resort at sea – Dream Cruise Line. Guests will delight in a new “integrated resort” experience at sea with luxurious comforts, thrilling shows, and numerous dining options. The new ship will also feature the iconic Singapore night club, Zouk, which will elevate your experience to another level. The 18-deck cruise liner is one of the world’s largest and also features a waterslide park and zip line that overlook the sea, bowling alley, 3D movie theatre, mini-golf course, as well as over 35 restaurant and bar concepts.

  • The Brains behind IT’S THE SHIP

    IT’S THE SHIP is organised by one of Southeast Asia’s largest and most innovative live event companies, THE LIVESCAPE GROUP.

    The Livescape Group is a youth-centric music and creative events group of companies, specialising in conceptualising and executing formidable creative and activation platforms for some of the best known brands on the planet. We don’t do the ordinary and dare to try new ideas. This belief has driven us to be one of the key players in the Malaysian and Southeast Asian live events market.

  • How old do I have to be on IT'S THE SHIP?

    If you’re at least the legal age of eighteen (18) years old as of the date of sailing , you are definitely able to party with us on IT’S THE SHIP.

  • I’m having a baby. Can I sail on IT’S THE SHIP?

    Only if you’re less than 24 weeks into your pregnancy throughout the entire period of IT’S THE SHIP.  Our aim is for you to have a good experience, so do bring along a doctor’s letter confirming:

    a) The length of your pregnancy
    b) You and your baby are in good condition to sail, and
    c) That your pregnancy is not high-risk

  • Is making a reservation easy?

    Yes!  Just view our rates and pick your cabins online!
    View Cabins Here
    Book Online Now!

  • What details do I need to have ready to book my cruise?

    IT’S THE SHIP will need:

    a) Full legal name (first & last name as per passport)
    b) Date of Birth
    c) Passport Number (with 6-month validity by It’s The Ship date)
    d) Passport Expiry Date (with 6-month validity by It’s The Ship date)
    e) Mobile number
    f) Email Address
    g) Citizenship
    h) Any special physical needs
    i) Emergency contact details

  • How can I make payment for my booking?

    For your convenience, you may opt to pay the Full or Instalment payment by credit card.  We accept most credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


    We also accept payment by bank transfers, only when prior arrangements have been made and apply for Full Payment only.  
    Full payment via credit card or bank transfer before July 31, 2017 enjoys an additional 5% discount on cabin fare only.  Please write to info@itstheship.com if you have any payment enquiries.

  • How do my other shipmates pay?

    Only the ‘Lead’ Passenger will be able to pay for the cabins on behalf of other shipmates.

    The ‘Lead’ Passenger is the person who places a reservation for a cabin onboard and is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for authorizing changes to the reservations and making payment.

  • Shipmates, we have an easy instalment payment plan!

    IT’S THE SHIP easy instalment payment plan is only available until August 15, 2017, 23:59 hrs (SST).   Depending on the date that your booking is made, instalment payment plans may be available for shipmates. The date you make your reservation will determine your instalment due at the time of booking and the subsequent instalment payment dates and amount.

    Your total booking amount will be split into equal monthly payments beginning the first month of the transaction, with final balance due no later than OCTOBER 15, 2017.

    You will be required to login to your account and make the required payment. It is your responsibility to know your due dates as payment reminders will not be sent. Late fees will apply for declined or late payments. If your reservation remains unpaid within 2 weeks after the instalment due date stated on your confirmation email, your reservation will be cancelled and payments will NOT be refunded.
    It shall remain the ‘Lead’ Passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the Cabin Fare is paid in full by all parties. In the case that a roommate defaults on payment, cancels their reservation or there is a dispute resulting in the desire to no longer room together, the ‘Lead’  Passenger shall be responsible for the full cabin fare and/or for finding a replacement roommate.

  • When is the last day to book a cabin?

    BOOK NOW!!  Don’t wait for the last day.  Cabin sales for IT’S THE SHIP 2017 are on a first come first serve basis.

  • If I already made a booking, how can I cancel it?

    You can cancel ON or BEFORE 08:00 hrs (SST) on JULY 1, 2017 for a refund less administrative fees of USD150.  As of 08:01 hrs (SST) on JULY 1, 2017 all monies paid are non-refundable.

    There will be no refunds given for latecomers, unused tickets or after the Cruise has occurred. All cancellation requests must be submitted via email to info@itstheship.com

  • How do I make changes to my reservation/booking?

    The passenger who places a reservation for a cabin onboard is considered the cabin’s “Lead Passenger” and is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for authorizing changes of the other shipmates but not the ‘Lead’ Passenger Full Legal Name.  Cabin’s ‘Lead’ Passengers are non-transferable or non-exchangeable after the booking have been submitted/recorded.

    The ‘Lead’ Passenger can manage and make the changes by:

    Step 1: Login to their Galactix account

    Step 2: Click My Account and Order History

    Step 3: Click Edit Guest from the reservation

    Step 4: Make the changes on other shipmates

    Step 5: Save and you are done!

    During the reservation process you can opt to provide guest details at a later date up until 30 days prior to sailing.  So, the cut-off date is October 15, 2017 @ 23:59 hrs (SST).  Your cabin number is subject to change without notice and at the discretion of the cruise line.

    However, from October 16, 2017 if the ‘Lead’ Passenger would like to make changes once guest details have been provided, an administration fee of USD100 per person, per name will be chargeable. No changes of any kind (names or cabin) will be accepted within two weeks of sailing date ie. October 31, 2017 @ 23.59 hrs (SST).

  • I confirmed my booking, do I now need to purchase travel insurance?

    Yes, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself against any financial losses due to any unexpected cancellation and/or travel emergencies.

  • My friends also made bookings. How can I secure my cabin is next to my friends?

    Yes, it’s possible!  All you have to do is go online to choose and select your cabins.  It is recommended that special requests to be located next to your friends be made at the time of booking. We will do everything we can to get you as close to your friends as possible, however the earlier you book, the easier it is to accommodate special requests. Special requests are subject to availability and not guaranteed.

  • Can I change my payment plan dates?

    To change your payment plan dates, you may contact us at +65 6802 6491 or +65 9156 1446 on Monday to Friday from 11:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs (SST) or email info@itstheship.com, before the start of each month.  All payment plan changes are subject to approval by Livescape.

  • What are gratuities? How and when do I pay for it?

    Gratuities are mandatory fees. Gratuities are fees paid to the cruise staff for the cruises’ offerings and their services onboard.

    Gratuities will be charged to your cabin’s account folios at the time of boarding.  Settlement is at the end of the cruise when a guest settles their onboard expenses.   Gratuities charges;

    • SGD60 per person for Standard cabins (Inside, Ocean View, Balcony and Balcony Deluxe)
    • SGD75 per person for Suites and Penthouses (Dream Suite, Palace Suite, Dream Deluxe Suite, Dream Executive Suite and Garden Penthouse)
  • I’m a loner… at least for now. Can IT’S THE SHIP pair me with someone onboard?

    Sure!  We have allocated only the INSIDE UPPER/LOWER cabin type for single travelers looking to be paired up.  Pairing will also only be done for travelers with same gender.  Please call us at +65 6802 6491 or or +65 9156 1446 on Monday to Friday from 11:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs (SST) or email info@itstheship.com to find out more!

  • Can you tell me what travel documents do I need to prepare?

    All guests will require a valid passport.  Do ensure that your passport is valid for at least six (6) months beyond completion of travel.

    All guests must also present any relevant documentation/ VISA on embarkation.  Kindly check with your local authorities on any travel documents/ VISA required.  All travel documents/ VISA must match your name on the cruise documents.

  • Where and what time do I board IT’S THE SHIP?

    Boarding commences from 14:00 hrs to 17.00 hrs (SST) at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore on November 17, 2017.  You must be on the ship NO later than 17:00 hrs (SST) or you risk missing the party! SO, BE ON TIME.

    2) Where and what time do I board IT’S THE SHIP?
    Boarding commences from 14:00 hrs to 17.00 hrs (SST) at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore on November 17, 2017.  You must be on the ship NO later than 17:00 hrs (SST) or you risk missing the party! SO, BE ON TIME.
    Address for Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore: 61 Marina Coastal Drive Singapore

  • Apart from my favourite festival gear, what should I pack?

    a) Your passport
    b) Identification card
    c) Valid visas/ travel documents
    d) Cash/ Credit Card (Currency on board is in SGD)
    e) Camera
    f)  Swimsuit/Beachwear gear
    g) Sunscreen
    h) International adapter
    i)  Others – essential support clothing relevant for the cruise

  • What should I NOT pack or leave behind?

    a) Banned and/or Illegal substances, drugs or paraphernalia (drugs are strictly prohibited; all federal laws must be respected!)
    b) Alcohol
    c) Non-alcoholic beverages
    d) Food
    e) Weapons, including sharp objects
    f) Pets and animals
    g) Printed matter, films, photographs, gramophone records, cinematographic films, loaded recording tapes and video tapes, compact discs ( video and audio ), storage media for computers and other articles which are detrimental to the political, economic, cultural and moral interests of China, Singapore and Thailand

  • Can we bring water onboard?

    No.  Dream Cruises does not allow water to be brought onboard.  Water is available on IT’S THE SHIP, and mineral water can be purchased onboard.

  • Can I bring my own alcoholic drinks onboard?

    No.  All alcoholic drinks will be confiscated by the Local Authority Officers during checks at embarkation.  Alcoholic beverages can be purchased onboard IT’S THE SHIP for onboard consumption only.  Alcoholic beverages purchased onboard will be retained on IT’S THE SHIP till the end of the cruise.

  • I’m on medication, can I bring it onboard?

    Sure you can.  Specific medication prescribed by a Medical Practitioner or medicine bought over the counter is allowed.  However, we suggest that all medication is stored  in its original bottles/tablet strips, along with respective prescription to avoid any confiscation by the Local Authority.  We recommend your medication to be placed in your personal hand-carry luggage as it may take time for your check-in luggage(s) to be delivered to your cabin.  

  • I am medically unfit, any possibility of me sailing on IT’S THE SHIP?

    Unfortunately, NO.  It is for your own safety.  All guests must be deemed medically and physically fit for travel.  By booking this Cruise, you warrant that you, and those traveling with you, are physically fit to travel at the time of embarkation.
    The Centres for Disease Control and World Health Organisation have guidelines as to which vaccinations are required in each country.  Do check with your local health care professionals certified by WHO for guidance.  Livescape or Dream Cruises have the right to require the Passenger to produce medical certificates supporting the fitness to travel.  Where a Passenger is assessed as unfit to travel and refused embarkation then neither the Livescape or Dream Cruises has any liability to the Passenger.

  • I need my wheelchair; can I bring mine onboard?

    Not to worry!  You may bring your own wheelchair, powered wheelchair or mobility device onboard IT’S THE SHIP, or rent one from an external vendor who will deliver it to the ship.  Just advise us in advance during booking or before October 15, 2017 for us to allocate the specific wheelchair accessible cabin for you. Special requests are subject to availability at time of booking and not guaranteed.

  • What if i have special needs?

    You may notify LIVESCAPE at the time of booking or 30 days prior to the sailing date of any disability, medical and/or physical condition that may require special assistance during the cruise.

  • How many pieces of luggage can i bring?

    You are allowed to bring a maximum of two (2) pieces of personal luggage onboard, each weighing a maximum of 23kg.  Any luggage exceeding the listed weight can be checked in at the check-in counter. But we highly recommend you to Travel light!  

  • Can I request IT’S THE SHIP to arrange transfers to the port/airport?

    Unfortunately, there won’t be any pre-arranged transfers from the port and airport.  You will need to make your own ground transportation arrangements.

  • I’m coming to Singapore just for IT’S THE SHIP, so where should I stay before and after the cruise?

    Singapore is a small and vibrant city.  The cruise centre is approximately 10 – 15 mins away from the city centre.  Lots of accommodation options are available.  You can choose to stay anywhere in Singapore you like! But, remember you need to be on time to check-in or risk missing the ship. You must check-in promptly BEFORE 17:00 hrs (SST).

  • What time does IT’S THE SHIP leave port?

    IT’S THE SHIP is scheduled to set sail at 20:00 hrs (SST).  You must check-in promptly BEFORE 17:00 hrs (SST) to avoid missing IT’S THE SHIP.  It is recommended to come early or be on time.

  • What time do we get back to Singapore?

    Disembarkation is scheduled to begin at 19:00 hrs (SST) on November  20, 2017.

  • Can you tell me what is included in the cruise fare?

    The cruise fare includes:
    a) All 4-days & 3-nights accommodation on IT’S THE SHIP
    b) Round trip cruise from Singapore – Phuket – Singapore
    c) Entry to all IT’S THE SHIP events on and off the ship
    d) All meals in the Dream Dining Room and The Lido (except for special menu listed with additional cost)
    e) All non-carbonated and non-alcoholic beverages 
    f) And other general and complementary facilities such as the Waterslide Park, Ropes Course, Rock Climbing, Mini Golf and Sportsplex.

  • Is that all? What else can I expect to experience on IT’S THE SHIP?

    Besides stages of loud live music and themed after parties, we’ve got plenty of other interactive activities, including artist meet & greets, Q&A sessions, sports activities with your favourite DJs, and much, much more! It’s FUN, FUN, FUN and more FUN as soon as you get onboard IT’S THE SHIP!

    Check out our onboard itineraries for more details!

  • What is excluded from the cruise fare?

    The Cruise fare does not include:
    a) Gratuities
    b) Singapore/Phuket return airfare and/or local transport to-and-fro IT’S THE SHIP
    c) Shore excursions at Phuket
    d) Meals and/or drinks in Phuket
    e) Meals in a la carte/ specialty restaurants on the ship
    f) Alcoholic and Carbonated beverages (e.g. wine, beer, liquors, cocktails, soda, etc.)
    g) Mineral water
    h) Medical expenses (except for minor injuries sustained during an IT’S THE SHIP events)
    i) Casino gaming
    j) Onboard shopping
    k) Ship-to-shore phone, email, Internet, fax
    l) Travel insurance
    m) And other facilities and specialty restaurant on cruise with additional cost/ charges

  • How many meals can I enjoy FREE each day?

    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is provided FREE at the Dream Dining Room and The Lido (except for special menu listed with additional cost).  Meals are provided almost around the clock.

  • How do I make payments onboard IT’S THE SHIP?

    Payments can be made through credit/debit card or cash in SGD (Singapore Dollar) currency.

  • What credit cards are allowed on IT’S THE SHIP?

    We accept Visa, Master, American Express, JCB and Alipay.

  • Are there ATMs on IT’S THE SHIP?

    No, there are no ATMs on the ship, so bring all your SGD cash with you or put it up on credit!

  • Is there any currency exchange onboard?

    Yes, foreign currency exchange is available at the office and reception at the rate fixed by the cruise.

  • Can I convert unused onboard credit to cash?

    Yes, for unused onboard credit uploaded with cash is refundable. You can go to Deck 6 Guest Reception to collect the unused credit before you leave the ship.

  • Is there internet access on IT’S THE SHIP?

    For the Insta-savvy ones, and those who can’t leave the ‘’world’’, not to worry!  WIFI is available onboard and is subject to the following charges.  Kindly see the cruise staff at the reception counter to subscribe for Internet package.


    Standard (Full Cruise)

    • Price: SGD 25 / Night
    • Description: Connect to the Internet at basic speeds in an affordable manner. Allows 2  devices simultaneously for the whole voyage.
    • Recommended Use: Email, chat, and social media.


    Premium (Full Cruise)

    • Price: SGD 35 / Night
    • Description: Connect to the Internet at prime speeds. Allows 2 devices simultaneously for the whole voyage.
    • Recommended Use: Email, chat, social media, and light media streaming.


    Premium (24 Hour)

    • Price: SGD45 / Night
    • Description: Connect to the Internet at prime speeds. Allows 1 device for a continuous 24 hour period only.
    • Recommended Use: Email, chat, social media, and light media streaming.



    1. Guests may upgrade their Internet package at any time while onboard, upon authorization of an additional folio charge based on the price difference.
    2. Internet speeds may vary due to satellite interference, ship location and network congestion at time of use.
    3. It is advised that VPN connections, certain websites or types of browsing or downloading may be limited (without prejudice to the price) due to security concerns, mature or violent content, high bandwidth consumption, nature of local satellite internet, or any other reason as deemed necessary by Dream Cruises.
  • What type and how many power sockets are available within the cabins?

    Each stateroom will have two (2) chinese three-pin sockets.  All remaining sockets will be Hong Kong (UK) sockets.  All Staterooms will also have USB ports at the side of the main bed. Bring an international adapter if you’re unsure.

  • Is there a safe in the cabin?

    Yes, there are safes in all cabins

  • Is it safe to drink water from the cabin's tap?

    Yes it is!  But if you’re still doubtful, get mineral water but, at your own cost!

  • I’m a smoker, can I smoke in the cabins?

    Smoking is strictly not allowed in the cabins, even at the Balcony.  There are designated smoking areas provided onboard IT’S THE SHIP.  There will be a penalty if the smoking policy is not observed.  So, look out for the signages.

  • Will my mobile phone work onboard?

    Why do you need to use your phone anyway?  You should enjoy the ongoing party on IT’S THE SHIP!  Your mobile phone may operate at sea depending of the route of the cruise.  International voice and data roaming charges may apply.  Do contact your local cell service provider for details and rates.

  • It’s my first cruise. Is it safe to travel on IT’S THE SHIP?

    Of course it is!  Dream Cruises is equipped with state of the art safety features, including lifeboats, rescue boats, marine evacuation systems and life rafts.  All Dream Cruises staff are well-trained to respond in emergencies.

    There will also be mandatory safety muster drill prior to the ship’s departure for you to be well-versed with the safety procedures.  Oh, and we’ve got pool lifeguards too!

  • Can you tell me what time does the party starts onboard?

    The music schedule will be posted before we sail.  It will also be made available in the ITS 2017 Guide which will be sent via eDM nearer to the travel date.

  • Are the DJs onboard with us during the entire cruise?

    Yes!  Most of our DJs spend the entire 4-days with us.  However, sometimes a DJ may only be available for part of the cruise, or may have to depart early due to other commitments.

  • Are there themed parties and when will it be announced?

    Themed/Pop-up parties are one of IT’S THE SHIP’s most entertaining onboard events!  These are secret pop-up parties with a twist.

    Stay tuned through our social media channels to be up to date with the latest information on themed parties.

• Singapore : +65 6802 6491
• Singapore : +65 9156 1446

• Malaysia : +603 7931 9419
• Email : info@itstheship.com