This could probably be our favourite part of being on IT’S THE SHIP! The wondrous exclusive feeling of hanging out with DJ’s – you can’t do this anywhere else (trust us). We have a huge list from Meet and Greets, Beer Pong, Belly Flop to a Colombian Haircut. What’s a Colombian haircut you ask? Sign up to find out :)

Dates and time for these activities will be on your festival guide when you get onboard.

Only a limited number of pax is available for each activity so visit us at the Livescape Hospitality Desk (Deck 6) on board. You are required to sign up a day before the activity (except for Day 1).

All activities are on a first come first serve basis. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to each event at the Livescape Hospitality Desk.

Get your cabins now if you’d like to rub shoulders with some of your favourite #ITSTHESHIP2016 artistes!

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